Finally, the millennials have a voice


P2W Radio is your all-round sports podcast where you can find the latest sporting news, events and entertainment. We present what’s on trend and keep you informed of everything sports related. With our talent and your voice, P2W Radio speaks to the masses of millenials with content that is engaging, easy to share and connect to!

We know what you want to hear; which is the reason P2W goes the extra mile to reveal sports and entertainment updates and secrets you will not find elsewhere!

What makes us different?

The P2W Radio Podcast has been created to provide the millenials a voice. What makes us different is our ability to deliver the sporting news you are interested in, in your language. We know you don’t need to listen to another formal sports bulletin from a guy in a shirt and tie. This is why we have a dedicated team of entertaining podcasters who know how to play the game. Every show is designed with sheer entertainment so you not only receive the latest updates but get to have fun with us too.

P2W Radio wants you to be part of the podcasting experience. We deliver shows that are relevant and provide the details of Washington Dc’s sports teams, athletes and events. Our interactive website is designed with the purpose of bringing featured athletes, entertainers and professionals together in a single platform.

Play 2 Win Radio considered its dedicated team major influencers in the market of relevant sports podcasts. It is our goal to create unique shows with information that you can trust. All researched and relevant news is delivered in a voice that you can understand. We want to entertain while providing factually accurate information. From DC players to past, present and future events, we play to win each and every time.



The P2W Sports and Entertainment Podcast are presented by your incredible and talented team of sports enthusiasts! Self proclaimed “fan boys” of DC sports, food, chicks and brews; meet the presenters behind those familiar voices:

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Call on the P2W Radio Team

If you need an update or want to learn more of our podcast, simply contact us online. We love to learn of new ways to connect to our audience and how we can improve upon our podcasts to provide you what you wish to hear.

From news and entertainment to interviews held with major sports and athletic stars, be sure to tune in to avoid missing out on our special announcements. From sports news to local events, we let you in on the latest secrets from where to find the latest football gear to preparing for the holidays.

P2W Radio remains your relevant, entertaining and influential podcast for sports and all-things sports related. We create exciting shows that will keep you hooked for hours and ensure that you receive every bit of news and updates necessary. Our team is simply hilarious and ensures that all our listeners have a good time while receiving their updates. Become part of the Play 2 Win Radio team today and experience your local sports podcast like no other.