Tipsy Taco Tuesday #5 – Taqueria Habanero

Before I get started, the ranking scale will go as follows:

Tacos – 0-10 scale with decimals. So, for example: A taco that I make at my house could be a 6.9 taco out of 10. The same scale for the Tipsy (drinks) part of the review will be used. Now, to the fun stuff!

Tipsy Taco Tuesday is back in the Northern Virginia / D.C. area. I ventured off into north west D.C. to try out a 4.5 / 5.0 restaurant; Taqueria Habanero. The restaurant was packed to the gills, but we were able to get a seat in the back near the grill. After looking at the menu, I considered myself surprised that Taqueria Habanero’s rating was so high, but I dove right in.

For the tipsy portion of the day, I went with the orange margarita. The orange margarita consisted of orange blood tequila, fresh pressed lime juice, triple sec, salt on the rim and served on the rocks. The color was nice and since it was a hot day yesterday, I was looking to quench my thirst. Not a huge rim licker (not to brag) but I had to try all of the drink. I am not really sure what the blood orange tequila was supposed to do but the drink tasted like a very basic average margarita. My thirst was quenched for the time being, but there was nothing special about this drink. The tequila was fine, the margarita fresh lime juice was decent, but this did not knock my socks off – 5.5/10. I’d also just like to thank Jeff for the great camera work as always. Thanks, Jeff.

Taco Review Time!

After hours of research (I typed, “driest place on earth” and hit enter into Google), I concluded that the Atacama Desert in Chile is the driest place on earth. I bit into the carnitas taco (on the left below). In absolutely no disrespect to the Atacama Desert, but at the moment of my bite, my mouth became the driest place on Earth. The pork was dry, the cilantro was not helping, the onions belonged in the trash, along with the corn tortilla. This taco comes in at a weak 2.2/10

The second taco I chomped down on was the steak (on the right). The steak was forgettable as it was dry and overcooked. Have you heard enough about the taco’s being dry? The taco was served with cilantro, diced onions, a radish and a cucumber. The cucumber was even dry. I don’t even know how that is possible. The steak taco comes in at a 3.4/10.

The last taco I tried was the pollo (chicken). The chicken taco (in the middle) came with cilantro, onions and radish. Similar to the carnitas and the steak, the pollo taco disappointed as well. Imagine you went to a grocery store, bought chicken breast (I’ll have the chicken breast, hold the chicken – Michael Scott) and threw it on the grill without any seasoning. That is exactly what this chicken tasted like. The only lasting effect from the grill was that the chicken was cooked through and there were grill marks on it. Tight. The chicken had no flavor, whatsoever. After marinating on my thoughts (the chicken could have used some marinating), this corn tortilla’d wrapped chicken taco comes in at a 3.1/10.

You always remember your first, and just like how quickly I got in and out of this restaurant, this is the first time in my reviews that I am not giving the Tipsy Taco Tuesday stamp of approval for Taqueria Habanero. I will never return.

Always remember everybody, just like when somebody asks you to eat at Taqueria Habanero, say no to hardshells. #nohardshells

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