Tipsy Taco Tuesday #36 – Basic Chicken Tacos at Joey Ds

On the eve of Emma Watson’s birthday, welcome back to Tipsy Taco Tuesday – Quarantine edition. I’m sure you are all just LOVING every single recipe I’m throwing out there (i bet nobody has made any of them), but this taco train continues on it’s tracks. I love chicken. Big chicken guy. Chicken tacos are probably my favorite kind of tacos. The best recipes are the simplest, and that is what we have here today. Let’s dive in!

Taco Review Time

IT IS CHILLY OUTSIDE TODAY BUT THESE INGREDIENTS ARE HOT. We got olive oil, chicken tenderloins or breast (hey now), salt, pepper, 2tsp chili powder, 2tsp cumin, 1 tsp garlic powder (feel free to use more if you love garlic), 1/4tsp parika and 1/4tsp cayenne. Mix all that fun stuff up in a bowl and sit to the side.

Chop up some chilly pico de gallo as well and get some shredded cheese (I used just sharp cheddar since I bought a 2 pound block of cheese from Costco), chop up some cilantro and squeeze some fresh lime as well. Feel free to throw avocados on there if you’re feeling wild. I am not a fan but I know that most people are!

The tacos themselves, with warm flour tortillas, (NOT CORN or hardhshell), as seen below, were pretty delicious! For the spicy fans out there, the cayenne was felt, but not overpowering (add more if you want), but the cumin is what stood out here. I would use less cumin next time and more lime. With the pico, and melted cheddar, these chicken tacos get a 6.89/10!

Tipsy Review Time

Since it is almost beach season (will we be able to go to the beach; I sure as shit hope so), we have the delicious Michelob Ultra, or as some of my friends call them, ‘Ultis.’ People LOVE to hate on the Michelob Ultra, and I have no idea why. Ultis are easy to drink and taste better than the Bud / Millers of the world. In terms of Summer beers, it is up there, but I can slug these bad boys down anytime. 6.2/10.

These chicken tacos were easy to make and filled with flavor. These tacos absolutely get the Tipsy Taco Tuesday stamp of approval. Just like putting a blanket on your porch to dry while its windy outside, say no to hardshells. #nohardshells


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