Tipsy Taco Tuesday #35 – Nashville Chicken Tacos at Joey D’s

As the quarantine continues, the tacos continue to roll out at my house. I’ll be honest, I like some spice in my food but I am a little bitch with stuff that makes your eyes water. My buddy Woody suggested a fried chicken taco and then we came to the conclusion of a Nashville style taco. Woody and his wife (Chelsea, makes a bomb ass spicy marg btw) have a pool in Sarasota. I say this because it’s time to DIVE IN!

Slaw – red cabbage (handful, i don’t use cups), mayo, 1 lime, carrots thinly sliced, and cilantro. After combining the ingredients, sit in the fridge for an hour.

Chicken – cut chicken tenderloins into thirds, salt and pepper, and sit in the fridge for an hour. once the chicken was in the fridge for an hour, crack some eggs, beat them, and then throw in some hot sauce. I have never done that before but you get a sauce that looks like this.

Dip the chicken in flour, then the hot sauce eggs, then again in flour. THE DOUBLE BREADING! Throw those little chicken nuggets on the frying pan that has oil already heated to the temperature of hell. Let those nugs sizzle, flip them, and take them off the pan when fully cooked. While the chicken cools, mix cayenne pepper(1TBSP), paprika (1/2TBSP), and garlic powder (1TBSP) together. Use some of the excess oil from the pan you cooked with and throw it in with this mixed seasonings. You’ll get a brownish sauce like this:

Dip the chicken pieces into the newly concocted sauce and throw them on the tortillas that you were heating up. Add the refrigerated slaw and you’ll have tacos that look delicious.


Taco Review Time:

The warmed flour tortilla, going with the chilled slaw and the hot chicken was a force to be reckoned with. The chicken itself had heat, as it was coated in hot sauce but the actual brownish Nashville sauce, holy cow, that was hot. That can mostly be attributed to the cayenne pepper, but this was a good change up. I don’t think I would make these again unless somebody really loved Nashville style, but I had fun doing it. Recommend for people who want to get their faces melted off – 6.2/10

Tipsy Review Time:

It’s been a quarantine for the ages. Sometimes you need to just rip a shot of something. I built a bar cart and have a bottle of jose cuervo sitting there staring at me. So I ripped a warm shot. Do not recommend a warm shot of tequila, let alone Jose Cuervo. 4.2/10

Based on the Nashville style tacos, this gets the Tipsy Taco Tuesday stamp of approval. If you like the heat, then cook in the kitchen and enjoy the fire these bring. Just like getting drunk and falling asleep on your wooden floor in your apartment after a zoom call happy hour, say no to hardshells. #nohardshells.

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