Tipsy Taco Tuesday #33 – Joey D’s House

The 33rd edition of the Emmy-nominated (not really) series, Tipsy Taco Tuesday comes to you LIVE from inside my apartment. We are not supposed to leave the house and go adventuring to Cherry Blossoms even though I saw some fun Instagram posts this weekend. Last week, we did brisket, and this week we are changing it up altogether. Have you ever heard of a waffle taco? Me either, so I tried it out. I received a waffle maker for Christmas from Santa two years ago and have used it a handful of times.

I love waffles. I think they are better than pancakes, unless you throw chocolate chips in, then pancakes reign supreme. Big chocolate chip pancake guy. You know who also loves waffles? Everybody diving into this review right now.

Taco Review Time:

Waffles – Krusteaz brand – 1.5 cups of waffle mix, stir up with an egg, 3 tbsp of oil and 1/2 cup of water. Used the awesome waffle maker which took less than a minute to cook the batter. Now, here is what you do; cook up some bacon (crispy, not floppy), 2 eggs, scrambled, and sausage cooked on the verge of being burnt, but not burnt.

You put take the waffle off of the maker, put the eggs in the middle, along with 1.5 sausage links and 2 pieces of bacon.If you want to throw syrup on as well, CAN YOU GIVE ME A HELL YA!

The waffle could have been cooked 10 seconds longer (that’s on me, I was starving). The waffle, coupled with the sausage, bacon and eggs worked well. With Belgian waffles, they can be dry, but the sausage helped surprisingly. If you are adventurous and have some time on your hands (you do…we all do), I recommend making these and sending them to me. Will make again. 7.9/10

Don’t do this with chocolate chip waffles, the combo is weird.

Tipsy Review Time:

You guys, with this quarantine, there is an always appropriate time to drink. I went with a nice glass of Crown Royal black with my waffles tacos. I highly recommend Crown Royal Black for a FaceTime Happy Hour with your friend. Honestly, was not bad with the waffles. 6.2/10

The Waffle Taco absolutely gets the Tipsy Taco Tuesday stamp of approval. Just like not doing a FaceTime Happy Hour to catch up with friends, say no to hardshells. #nohardshells

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