Tipsy Taco Tuesday #12 – Scarlet Oak DC

Another Tipsy Taco Tuesday, another location down at Navy Yard. I promise to stop going to Navy Yard for the next couple of articles, but I’ve basically lived there during the Washington Nationals playoff run. This will come out on the day of game 6, back in Houston. I think the Nationals are going to play like a desperate team, just like the Astros did in game 3. The Nationals will force a game 7 and hopefully Max Scherzer can have a Curt Schilling bloody sock type of moment and lead them to a title.

Scarlet Oak has a pretty sick happy hour for being close to the stadium with 5 dollar drafts, 5 dollar house win and 5 dollar rails. I did think it was odd they did not have a happy hour when the Nationals had a game though, but that’s neither here nor there. If I were to change one thing about this Scarlet Oak it would be to change their Monday special. On a Monday, they have taco specials for 3 dollars and margaritas for 8. How is that NOT on a Tuesday?!

Taco Review Time

I initially came to Scarlet Oak for a live podcast that you can check out below! After looking at the menu, in the ‘Shareable’ section of the menu, the Fish Tacos stuck out like a sore thumb. We ordered the Crispy Cauliflower, Garlic Parmesan fries and of course, the Fish Tacos. Before I get to the tacos, can any cauliflower truthers for the love of God explain to me why people go crazy for this trash vegetable? Cauliflower tastes like nothing, isn’t a substitute for wings, and belongs nowhere near me. The Garlic Parm fries were dope, though.

Fish Tacos – The fish tacos came out on a plate of two. The fish tacos consisted of mahi mahi, avocado, pico de gallo, lettuce and a lemon aioli. I thought the mahi mahi was fried, but it was actually just grilled to perfection. Do you remember when there was a threat of an avocado shortage? The amount of avocado on the taco was probably the reason. The amount of avocado on this taco could have fed a small village, but if you like avocado, you probably would have loved it.  What really stuck out from the taco, was the lemon aioli. It had some sort of spice to it too that I couldn’t figure out. The tortilla shell was flour (thank God) and the pico had the taco dripping nice and wet. 7.2/10

Tipsy Review Time

If you know me, you know that I am a fan of the sour beer. Not the kind to make my face look like I was sucking on a warhead, but something lighter. The Upland Seasonal Sour had a lighter sour taste to it but nothing else that stood out. I also chugged it after, which is always a hoot and a half (thanks for capturing it, Jeff). 6.4/10

Scarlet Oak gets the appetizer Tipsy Taco Tuesday stamp of approval! I really enjoyed Scarlet Oak, and if I was to ever get a date, this is a place that I would bring a girl. Just like wearing socks in the rain, say no to hardshells. #nohardshells.



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