Tipsy Taco Tuesday #6 – El Paso Mexican Restaurant

El Paso Mexican Restaurant

Welcome back for another edition of Tipsy Taco Tuesday! I’d like to start off by letting everybody know that LeBron James’ trademark for ‘Taco Tuesday’ was denied. If that does not put a massive smile on your face, I don’t know what will. Taco Tuesday is for the people, not one selfish man. LeBron needs to stay in his own lane and stick to sports and politics, not tacos.

If you are new to Tipsy Taco Tuesday (thanks for joining #TTT) how I rank the tacos and drinks can be found in some of my previous reviews:

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The Tipsy Taco Tuesday #6 comes to you live from El Paso Mexican Restaurant (not to be confused with El Paso, Texas, folks) . I was intrigued after looking at the menu with a cavalcade of options. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Taco Review Time!

We sat down at a booth where the seats were covered in plastic. From my experience in life, if you have visited a family who has an Italian family member over the age of 60 (hi Mom and Dad), your butt is quite familiar with this kind of seating. After sitting down on our comfortable plastic covered cushions, we did order a drink first, but we let’s talk about the tacos first.

The tacos ranged from Lengua (beef tongue) to Pollo Azado (chicken). Guess which route I went? I ordered the Chicken, Steak and Chorizo.

Chicken, Steak and Chorizo tacos
Chicken, Steak and Chorizo tacos

The Chicken taco (left) came double wrapped on a corn tortilla, with onions and cilantro. A theme seems to be emerging with these taco reviews as the taco was dry. Unlike Taqueria Habanero’s trash, this chicken had flavor and the cilantro and onions did nothing to hurt the score. The tacos came with sauces on the side, which were bomb, but unfortunately were not on the taco so it could not be scored with that extra zesty flavor. El Paso’s chicken taco scored a 5.7/10

The Carne Asada (steak, in the middle) taco came on a corn tortilla, with onions and cilantro. This taco was loaded with steak. The steak was cooked a little more than I like, but had a decent amount of flavor. El Paso’s steak taco scored a 6.2/10

The Chorizo (sausage, on the right) taco came on a double wrapped corn tortilla with onions and cilantro (seems to be a theme). When biting into the chorizo taco, i felt like my mouth had been lit on fire. The sausage had a strong kick. The onion and cilantro did not add anything to this taco, but that may have been because the spicy chorizo kicked my ass. The chorizo was not dry (what a concept) and the taco had a good amount of spice. A flour tortilla would have made all of these better, but I digress. El Paso’s chorizo taco scored a 7.1/10.

Spicy Margarita
Spicy Margarita

Let’s end with the refreshing tipsy part of the dinner, because let me tell you what, your mans was feeling it. My favorite part of this menu was that the margarita sizes were absurd and there were no prices. When there are no prices, I just imagine they are just throwing whatever the hell they want in there and decide on a price afterwards. The ‘Small’ = 16 oz, the ‘Medium’ = 18 oz and the ‘Large’ was a solid 32 oz beverage. Knowing I had to drive (don’t drink and drive, unless you’re playing Mario Kart), I ordered the medium ‘Jalapeño Margarita.’ The ‘Jalapeño Margarita’ – “Infused spicy tequila shaken with fresh lime juice, orange triple sec and agave nectar, served on the rocks only.” The Jalapeño Margarita came in what could be described as a goblet / chalice. If you’ve ever been to a Catholic mass, outside of this chalice being clear, it basically looked like you were drinking from the object that contains the blood of Christ.

As you can see in the gif below, I held the goblet with two hands and finished the margarita. Before I get to the score, yes, those are my awesome new airpods in my ear. I recommend putting your airpods in at all times, even if you are not listening to anything. They make you cooler in any situation. People also love it when you talk to them about your own airpods. The margarita was strong, large and had a slight kick. I may have sat outside with my camera man Jeff for 20 minutes before being able to drive home. The score came in at a nice 6.9/10.

Joey chugging a spicy margarita
Joey chugging a spicy margarita

We are back on track as I give the Tipsy Taco Tuesday stamp of approval for El Paso Mexican Restaurant. They did not serve their tacos on hard shells.

Always remember everybody, just like not putting milk in a cereal bowl before the cereal itself, say no to hardshells. #nohardshells

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