Is Alex Morgan a descendant of the Boston Tea Party?

I mean, probably not, but I did not do a ton of research. Unless you live under a rock, Alex Morgan scored the game winning goal in the 33rd minute of today’s semi-final match of the world cup against England. With a sick cross pass by Kelley O’Hara (sup Kelley, I once tweeted you about meeting up and grabbing a drink. Didn’t hear back, maybe some other time, my calendar is pretty open) and Alex headed the ball into the net to put the greatest country on earth on top for good.
What set the world ablaze was not so much the goal, but the aftermath. Alex ran to the corner and took a sip of tea. I mean, the absolute disrespect was unconscious. I’m not a huge soccer guy folks, but that’s a top 10 celebration of all time. Alex had herself a day. Alex turned 30 today on the 243rd anniversary of the United States voting and claiming independence from the British.
But wait, we celebrate independence on the 4th of July? The continental congress actually voted on July 2nd, 1776 to become an independent nation, and the actual declaration was not signed by the 56 delegates until August of that years.
Let’s hope the USWNT is ready to TEA off another World Cup victory come Sunday.
Happy July 4th everybody!
By: Joey D

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