3 NFL Free Agents You Completely Forgot About

Marcus Mariota
Why you forgot
The Ryan Tannehill comeback was enabled by the Marcus Mariota downfall. The 2-4 start didn’t
help, but the second Tannehill hit the field it was game over for the Flyin’ Hawaiian.

What you should remember
Not only did he win the Heisman over the likes of Melvin Gordon and Amari Cooper, this guy led
the Titans to the playoffs in 2 of his first 4 years as a legitimate dual-threat QB. Last titans QB to
ink more than a single playoff appearance next to his name? Air McNair in the early 2000s.

What’s next for this guy?
Mariota could start for a lot of teams in this league and be an immediate upgrade (assuming he
stays healthy). Most of those teams, however, will feel the need to give a less-experienced yet
highly drafted guy the opportunity they feel they’ve paid for. Look for Mariota to land in a
placeholder/mentor role on a team with a high salary cap and unproven QB like the Broncos,
Redskins, or Giants.

Eric Berry

Why you forgot
He literally took a year off on purpose.

What you should remember
This man beat cancer, won a comeback player of the year award, and was named to 3 all-pro
teams before the age of 30. With a cancer-free year off to get healthy again after playing a
combined 3 games between 2017 and 2018, this 31 year old safety will return with a chip on his
shoulder and serve as immediate locker room inspiration for a team in need of veteran help in
their secondary.

What’s next for this guy?
He visited Dallas just shy of a year ago and left without a deal. This year, the Cowboys secondary
needs have only grown with Jeff Heath, Byron Jones, and Anthony Brown set for free agency.
Look for Berry to fill that void and serve as a mentor who up-and-comers like Chido Awuzie,
Xavier Woods, and Jordan Lewis desperately need. Indianapolis Colts have also expressed their
interest in the veteran.

Dez Bryant

Why you forgot
He literally took a year off, but not so much on purpose.

What you should remember
Dez caught it. And maybe he hasn’t been quite the same force since that debacle, but Dez Bryant has always been animalistic when the ball is in the air. Even if he doesn’t have the speed he used to, or the route-running prowess that always evaded him, his back-shoulder on the goal-line will forever be among the most difficult to guard one-on-one.

What’s next for this guy?
Blue and Silver. Black and Gold. Black and Purple.

Dez tweeted it himself that these are the teams he’d like to suit up for, and the Cowboys, Saints, and Ravens are each prime candidates to pick up a big red-zone target unafraid of any man in the league. Heck, he even said he’d play tight end!

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